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If you're ready to take your business to the next level and launch your own successful online program or course, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have and to help you get started on the path to success.


At our agency, we provide complete technical set up for your website landing pages, text messaging marketing, email marketing, and run ads on Google and social media to reach your target audience.


We also help you gain sign ups through organic engagement on social media profiles, create social media posts to promote your events, programs, and courses, and offer event support to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Our team of digital marketing experts have years of experience in helping entrepreneurs just like you successfully launch their programs and courses online.


We understand the importance of having a strong online presence and know exactly how to create effective marketing strategies that will attract your ideal audience and turn them into paying customers.

We offer a range of service packages to fit your needs, including coaching services that will teach you everything you need to know about launching your own successful online program or course. We provide you with step-by-step guidance that will help you achieve your goals quickly and easily.

Our LaunchPro Service Includes

  • Complete technical set up for entrepreneurs looking to launch online Facebook challenges, bootcamps, webinars, workshops, and courses

  • Website landing page(s) creation

  • Text messaging and email marketing

  • Social media advertising

  • Organic engagement

  • Social media post creation

  • Event support

  • Team of experienced digital marketing experts

  • Programs and courses designed to help you achieve your goals quickly and easily

  • Ability to attract your ideal audience and turn them into paying customers

  • Customizable packages to suit your specific needs

  • Excellent customer support and timely response times.

Programmer in Office

We're ready when you are.

All businesses are not created equally.


So we can't provide pricing without first speaking to you, understanding your goals, and going over your needs.

Book a discovery call below and let's discuss how we can help you grow your business!

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Jaclyn M. Wagner, Relationship Strategist/Coach

Susan and her team came in at a time in my business when I wasn't sure what else to do. I had so many missing pieces and the wrong people working for me. I was at a loss hiring different people and companies trying to get them to work cohesively together and it wasn't working! That is until Susan and her team came along.


Not only did Susan personally get on a call with me, but she also customized a plan to my budget and to get me results I need quickly. After just a few months she had my social media organized, people engaging on my social media and then the team worked with me to launch my first challenge. AND she didn't take over and start something new for me like many companies have done.


She took where I was, polished things up and added what was needed to make my company worked the way it was. It was seamless working with Susan and her team and for the first time I felt as if someone was helping my business grow, not taking over my business to look like theirs.


The best part, there was no training I had to do and they kept me on track with what I needed to do the be the most efficient to serve my clients. All I needed to do was be the CEO of my company and serve my clients!


Susan and her team were able to twist and turn with me and my business like no other company has been able to do for me. And can I tell you at an affordable price point, especially for everything they do. When she first told me, I almost fell over at how affordable. I look forward to launch number 2 in just a few weeks and everything else we are projected to build out together. I am very appreciative for Susan and her entire team!


If you want to find out for yourself, then click the link above to schedule a call because you won't be disappointed.

7_8_2022, 1_33_54 PM (1).jpg

Abier Alkhouri, Architectural & Interior Designer

As an Interior and Architectural Designer, my taste is unique and so is my ideal client. I work in the Luxury space and Susan was able to connect to that and create content for all of my social media profiles. The team has done a great job with keeping me on brand and active online!

DSC07977_websize (1).jpg

Heidi Schalk, Business Coach

P3 handles all of my social media posts and graphics and I couldn't be happier! They are professional, communicative, easy to work with and understand my business and goals. My following is growing on all platforms. Thank you Susan and the P3 Team!

D835F768-6528-487B-BBF3-AC83F2EC0191 (1).jpg

Oxana Mattiocco, Transformational Psychologist & Coach

Susan and her company are one of the best business experiences I’ve had. They’ve become my family pretty much!
The knowledge, drive, love, care and creativity behind their work is amazing! They can feel their clients, their needs, and desires and deliver results in a short period of time! And they always come with the high quality mark!


Claudio Ramirez, Truck Collision & Body Shop Owner

Very professional & savvy. She has done - and continues to do an outstanding job in understanding my company's ever changing needs and promptly creates targeted strategies to fulfill them. The amount of business she generates far exceeds her fee. She's a good investment. Without any reservation I strongly recommend Susan and her team!


Erick Caceres Morrobel, Founder Reicrowd

Where do I begin.?
Susan Serena is a marketer in the true sense of the word. I've had the absolute pleasure of working, both directly and indirectly with Susan in our education advisory company Caceres Collective, and have had an upfront view of her marketing knowledge and professionalism. In particular, she has and continues to lead our marketing and positioning efforts for our educational offering. Where we've pivoted from an in-class session to a virtual classroom structure on several of our K-12 programs. She has also led the way in creating new content as part of our forward-looking strategy for fall 2020. I fully expect to continue to work alongside Susan for years to come.


Mario Stewart, President, The Event Planner Expo

Susan has lead our content marketing for years and has proved to be a true leader in the industry. She has increased our online visibility while guiding our team on how to manage our social media profiles. She writes excellent articles, produces engaging content, and drives significant traffic to our website. She is the real deal!


Diana Kearns, Empowerment Coach

P3 has given me the opportunity to understand the process involved using the IG platform. I’ve been taken step by step through the format, process and the “how to”
I was fearful due to my lack of knowledge and now I feel well informed and confident!
P3 has given me the guidance, support and knowledge with so much caring, I feel blessed to have them supporting me. I couldn’t have ventured this without Susan Serena.


Cheri Click, Owner, Fairytale Baby Books

P3 Business Solutions is the best! Susan and her staff have been a life saver for me and my company. They totally have a handle on any social media needs that you might have. What makes them stand out to me is that they are also great instructors. They want you to be part of the process and learn as they go along, just in case you want to dip a toe in and help. They can do it all, or part. Whatever you're comfortable with. The other area that stands out to me, is they are available to assist and answer questions into the early evening. This is important to me since I work varied hours. I HIGHLY recommend P3 Business Solutions to anyone and everyone!


Bella Bliss, Life Coach

I am absolutely THRILLED with Susan & P3 Business Solutions team for establishing my digital marketing strategy & creation! They helped create beautiful branding for my coaching business 'Your Soul Passion' & LOVE it! I get so many compliments & growing my business!! Thank you soooo much!! I am FOREVER grateful!

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-07 at 8.05.33 PM(2) (1).jpg

Mona Parikh, Luxury Realtor

The P3 Team handles all of my online marketing, and has mastered curating content that resonates with my unique audience. They provide me with support on a daily basis and guide my growth as an influencer.


Steven Walerstein, Entrepreneur

Social Media marketing, It’s not as easy as it looks. As a start up online store, Susan has shown passion, professionalism and the ability to make sure we are relevant by conducting every means possible to draw customers to our website and create a successful brand.
Susan and her company has been an asset to our growth.


Cinthya Romriell, Owner, CinfulSweets

It is my pleasure to write a positive review for P3. They are highly qualified and always did an amazing job for my brand. I always received positive vibes/comments from my friends in regards to the creative and professional content that was done for me. Thank you all for being so fantastic!

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